Job Description

1. Develop a deep understanding of derivatives theory of quantitative investment and Fin-Tech engineering, you will be engaged to create the practical research report, with periodical internal sharing is required.

2. Processing, research analyzing and storing to the financial data( Including but not limited to A share market, stock index futures, commodity futures, option) base on company’s demand.

3. Assist to develop and test quantitative modules ( Multi factor stock selecting, trending track, statistical arbitrage and macro timing) , loopback test on trading strategy, execute the planning on firm offer investment and setting risk management principles. A real time tracking, cultivating and optimizing on existing investment strategies.

4. You will be engaged to develop, deploy and maintenance the projects of fin-tech research platform, crypto currency investment database and quantitative trading system. 5. Participate special research projects organized by company or department based.

6. Create financial deep learning algorithm in order to form up the investment decision making system.

7. Implement trading strategy with comprehensive data module and analytical organism by processing through mass market price, new and user behaviors.

8.AI algorithm implementation to provide risk management module on capital market.

9. Cooperate with technical research team to engage in the designing and operating of AI investment frameworks.


1.Master degree or Ph. D from an accredited university or college in fin-tech , mathematics, statistics, physics and AI.

2. Understanding of advanced mathematics: Calculus, Stochastic Processes, Linear Algebra, Statistics and Optimization. Intermediate programming skills in python, c, c++, MATLAB and R etc. Can independently working and research on big data and AI spectrums.

3. Strong English written and verbal ability is required.

4. Strong logical, quick learning and intensive information collection skills. A team base sharing is preferred. Possess profound practical experience process of data pretreatment, categorizing and assessing.

5.Strong team player and coordinator, a righteous learner , and a person with a high stress tolerance.

6. Experience in project research is a plus.