1.You will be in role of an elite marketing maker responsible for co-working with marketing director in developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans.

2.Your day to day task is to managing and coordinating marketing plan and executives to analyze different angles of marketing development from industrial counterparts and with consequences of providing solid proof and data on supporting company’s marketing strategy deployment.

3.You should be in sensitive to numbers and commanding prompt responding to all marketing movements to the entire industry and pushing up corresponding marketing executional plan in order to meet the rush marketing alteration.

4. You will be in charged to execute and deploy marketing direction and development on each project developer, playing a role of a co-working initiative and feedback maker.

5.You will be engaged at branding management and offering jack of all trades PR solutions base on new-media marketing platforms.

6.Real time public opinion monitoring and collecting, enable to provide persuasive crisis public relationship solutions when negative reviews and comments are occurred.