1.Build and lead the team to manage full spectrum of PR campaigns and activities. Cultivate and leverage all industrial media resources, real time message delivery and communicate with key media contacts and correspondent.

2.Lead and complete the media archives, a proactive relationship management is required, you will be responsible for contact and invite mass media in case of events and news engagement.

3.Create content for press releases, keynote presentations, promotion and organization on key events and innovation news story.

4. Manage on a day-to-day evaluation and monitoring on all press releases.

5.A comprehensive management on branding development by branding orientation and cultural connotation.

6. Coordinate all public relations and marketing activities.

7.You will be responsible for crisis public relations engagement.

8. Lead and manage social network services of the company. 9. A time to time public opinion monitoring and reaction is required.

10.Monitor, analyze and communicate PR results on a monthly basis.


Relevant Bachelor’s Degree required.

2. Ability to work on marketing making, possess strong sense of innovation and insights, a highly performance skills.

3. Wild bunches of mass media resources, preferable to mainstream media and TV resources.

4. Highly organized, familiar with all procedures to PR operations and events, extensive social media experience - including some great examples of Social by Design. Excellent written ability.

5. Ability to independently organize in any forms of press release, exclusive interview and public relations activities.

6. Excellent written ability on draft news release, speeches and other PR related articles, fluent English speaking is required.

7. Giving priority to experience at internet work public relations and media background.

8. Strong team player and coordinator, a righteous learner , and a person with a high stress tolerance.